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(Y/n) smiled as she grabbed her duvet. Sitting on the lounge room floor, she threw the soft duvet over her head and lay there. She felt sudden weight on her stomach and removed the duvet from her head, smiling wider as she saw her best friend, England. “Hey Iggy!” She chimed happily. He sat up, a ghost of a smile gracing those lips she wanted to kiss oh, so badly. Lifting the duvet up, she dropped it over her and Arthur’s head. She became a laughing mess at his shocked face. “What are you doing?” Arthur asked. “I dunno. Why? Do you have a better idea?” (Y/n) tilted her head. “Yes, actually,” Artie stood and started unbuttoning the duvet cover. He then pulled the inside out, discarding it into a forgotten corner. He looked down at (Y/n), a mischievous glint in his green eyes. The blonde male proceeded to sit down. (Y/n) crawled closer to him, confusion written in her (s/c) face. “What’re you doing?” She questioned. “Remember how you used to have a Care Bears duvet?” England asked. (Y/n)  blushed, but nodded nonetheless. “And how we took out the inside and played inside the cover?” She nodded happily. “We’re gonna do it again?! Yay! But- will we fit..? I mean, we were a lot smaller then.” She looked up at Iggybrows from her spot lying in the floor. “Yes, but the cover is bigger this time too.” He pointed out, beginning to climb into the (f/c) and (2f/c) cover. (Y/n)  giggled once he was in. It struck her as odd, him having the sudden want to revisit one of their childhood games. Also the big lump in the cover just looked plain funny. He stuck his head out. “You coming in or what?” He smirked. With a smile, she gently pushed his head back in and began to squeeze into the cover herself. It wasn’t awkward. Well, I mean, it probably would’ve been if they weren’t best friends. The two of them were pressed up against eachother, laughing childishly; (y/n) with her eyes closed joyously and Arthur looking at his friend whom he held strong feelings of affection toward with admirable, emerald orbs. After the laughter died down, he took her hand in his and intertwined their fingers, his other hand finding it’s way to her (h/l), (h/t) (h/c) hair. Blushing lightly, (y/n) ;leaned into Arthur’s chest, her free hand playing with the hair at the base of his neck. Sighing in content, Iggy brought her fingers to his mouth and kissed them softly, causing (y/n)’s face to bloom a bright red: almost the same colour as Gilbert’s eyes. “You’re so adorable and beautiful…” He breathed in awe. (Y/n) leaned up to peck his nose. “And you’re incredibly handsome and amazing~ .” She smiled. “How can you say that? You know I’m not…” He muttered, looking down. “You are so!” (Y/n) scolded, using both of her hands to wrap them around his neck. England’s hands slid down to the small of her back as he inhaled her wonderful scent. He closed his eyes in pure bliss. “You’re perfect…” (y/n) mumbled against his neck. Arthur opened his mouth to say something, but instead lifted one hand up and used his thumb and index finger to tilt (y/n)’s head up. “Thank you…” He breathed, looking into her wide (e/c) orbs which were swirling with happiness, concern, confusion and… Was that a hint of lust? Oh, my! With his own half-lidded ones. Her (f/s) scented breath tickled his lips, sending him over the edge. With a sudden burst of confidence, he closed the gap between their lips, his slightly chapped lips meeting her soft, plump ones. Her eyes fluttered closed as she kissed back. Arthur hesitantly swiped his tongue over her bottom lip, asking for entrance. (Y/n) gingerly parted her lips, allowing access for the country’s pink muscle to explore its new territory. Their tongues swirled around each other and England lightly bit (y/n)’s tongue, earning a small moan of approval from the (h/c) haired girl. As the need for air became more and more demanding, they had to separate. (Y/n) blushed, pulling off the cover and discarding it with the inside before smiling up at her new boyfriend. “Will you go on a date with me?” Arthur asked. “No.” (Y/n) stated. Iggy looked up, hurt evident in his eyes. “I’m kidding! Of course!” She giggled, hugging him once more.

~Extended Ending~

America, Canada and France stood there, mouths agape. (Obviously France was smirking) “what did we just witness?” Alfred asked. “I- I don’t know.” Matthew replied. “I think we all know~ Ohonhonhon~” France chuckled. “FRANCIS!”
Under the Duvet England X Reader
I just felt like writing random fluffy stuffs... If this is even considered fluff. I dunno but I DO know Iggy's eyebrows look fluffy.... 


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